About Us

About us

Brand Launch Date: September 2018

The Name: Goodeehoo

Why Goodeehoo? At Goodeehoo, we believe our products are "Trends that Turn Heads," inspired by the owl - the only animal that can turn its head 270 degrees.

The name 'Owl' seemed too simple, so when one of our Welsh directors pointed out that the Welsh word for owl is 'Gwdihw,' we opted for the phonetic spelling: Goo-Dee-Hoo. The name Goodeehoo was born out of fun and ease of spelling.

Our Mission

We are passionate about crafting beautifully designed, affordable, and vegan-friendly stationery and gifts. As a family-run business, our journey began with extensive experience in importing goods from around the world. Coupled with our commitment to fair pricing, this has enabled us to create Goodeehoo - a perfect collection of thoughtfully designed vegan-friendly handbags, accessories, and stationery.

Our range includes handbags, accessories, and stationery. We are committed to sustainability, using PU rather than PVC for our 'leather look' products, which is a greener alternative. Our luxury handbags, crafted from soft grain PU, offer the exclusive feel and look of leather without the hefty price tag.

Environmental Commitment

While we aren't about preaching, we aim to do our part for sustainability. Our focus is on creating environmentally conscious products and packaging, believing that small efforts can add up to significant change.

Our Promise

Goodeehoo is about delivering beautifully finished products that make perfect gifts without breaking the bank. Each item is thoughtfully designed and wrapped, ready for gifting.

We strive to be the best we can be, aiming to delight our customers and make a positive impact. We welcome your feedback and are grateful for your support.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting Goodeehoo. We hope you enjoy our products and look forward to serving you again.

Happy shopping!